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We believe that getting a new dog is a responsible task. It seems there are much more dogs on the market and even more dogs for free that are seeking new owners, then reverse. If we do not understand our reasons, why we want a dog, there are many wrongs that we can do which unfortunately results in even more abandoned dogs. Reasons like buying or getting a dog out of an impulse, for showing off, for status, for present and without proper preparation and research are most obvious reasons for many sad stories. Even if our main reason is sympathy and wish to rescue a stray or abandoned dog from asylum or street, but without proper preparation, experience and understanding of their special needs we could most likely fail in this mission. The point of getting the right dog for yourself that will fit best into your life is to first answer to yourself, what are your needs and values and to find a breeder that can best share your ideas of breeding a dogs that would also suit your lifestyle.

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But it is also a very responsible task for a breeder, to find a right people for their puppies since every responsible breeder puts lots of work, time and love into raising a litter.

As a breeders we want to explain our values and goals so that we can get the best match with potential owners to our puppies. If somebody contact us, saying I need a good hunting dog that will assist me and be also my companion, we do not need much more words. Our breeding goals are just that – to find the best possible combination from which we will get sound litter with puppies that will equally show good potentials for work, with stable character that will make a family life with this dog pleasant and to be healthy enough that it can be our partner for as long as possible.


If somebody only needs a dog as companion, than our Kennel is not the right place to choose puppy from. We believe that every dogs needs to do a job that it is designed for. This is a main purpose why different breeds were made at first place. If we buy a hunting dog, we need to give him activities where his potentials could be developed at its best. We strongly believe, that only this way we will have a happy, fulfilled dog. To have a dog only to meets our own needs by fulfilling our loneliness and need for companionship, the danger is, it will develop all sorts of frustrations and obsessive behaviors. There are companion dogs breeds and maybe some dogs of mix breeds that will be much better designed for this role, but also these sort of dogs needs to get activities, where they can fulfill their primal nature.


However, we can trust a puppy also to a no hunting owner and their families that needs a dogs as a partner and companion in activities in the nature. By our opinion, the reason to have a dog so that one can spend quality and active time in the nature, is also a very good reason, especially if we get engaged with a hunting dog into Nose work activities (e. g. mantrailing, K9, rescue or therapy work) or some sports.

Since our breeding goal for DK breed is to get as close to its true purpose, we put most emphasis on its versatilities, so that we can expect puppies with good and sound potentials in every work that breed can be good at. For hunters that practice only e. g. field work, other breeds or other GSP lines would make a much better choice. Getting puppy from our Kennel would make most sense for a hunters that needs dogs that can do equally well not only at field and water work, but could be of great use also for hunt in the forest, sharp on predators and good at blood track work. In Slovenia, small game is unfortunately in decline, so owning a dog that can be so universal and versatile is of great use. All our dogs are perfectly fit to this role, since they are engaged in these activities on everyday basis. All three litters showed us that we have all reasons to believe, that these traits will be inherited also to their offspring. Beside their hunting abilities and obedience at work, their sound and stable characters makes them also perfect companions and family dogs. Ideal hunters for our puppies would therefore be hunters with families where dog is part of their life. We put lots of emphasis on socialization and development of puppies hunting abilities, so that we do not miss any developmental stages that are important for their growth and which makes them best hunting buddy.


In our Kennel a price for a puppy that leaves a litter up to 9. weeks is 700 evros, as suggested by our Association (Društvo ljubiteljev ptičarjev). 

For all puppies in the litter we provide quality food, medical care, we spend lots of time with them, taking care of early socialization and development of their hunting potentials. We provide first vaccinations, microchips and we organize a puppy test at 7. weeks so that we can help matching puppies to right owners according to their wishes. We also offer advice for new owner at any stage of their growth. For a healthy, promising puppies we do not give any discounts. If we observe any mistake at puppy that would make him unsuitable for potential breeding (e.g. incorrect bite), price can be lowered in agreement with interested owner.

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Puppies that stays longer than 9. weeks are only available at higher prices, since we put a lot of work and resources into their development. We already start some basic obedience training, we house train them, socialize them in the countryside and in the urban areas, and most importantly, we continue developing their hunting potentials. Some puppies from  N-litter that stayed with us for longer time were also taken to puppy school and were at 5 months already trained in some basic hunting tasks such as standing on, retrieving and aport different small game in the field. We provide videos of their progress for interested potential owners. Puppies older than 9. weeks are for these reasons available only to hunters.

For puppies older than 5. months we offer a one month period of adaptation so new owners can decide, if puppy is meeting their expectation. If they are, for any reasons, unsure or convinced that puppy is not good choice for them, we take puppy back and we return all money that was paid for a puppy.  After these period, puppy can also be returned to us, but we cannot give back money.

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When we plan a litter, reservations are possible. The advantage of these reservations to potential owners is to be able to choose a puppy and to inform us of their wishes. Final decision is made after puppy test is made at 7 weeks, so that we can suggest best matches to the whishes of potential owners.

If for any reason any grownup dog or puppy from our Kennel comes into situation to needs a new home, we will expect to be the first to be informed about it, so that we can help finding best new owners. In case of a urgency, dog can be returned to us.