Nubia Hudobrek

Nubia Hudobrek


Born: 24. 1. 2015
Exterior: Excellent
VJP: 54, HZP: 194 points (full points), IKP2, Sežun Memorial: 1. prize, 3th place and 1. place in water work, BBh, Water work: 1. prize.


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Nubia Hudobrek is pure energy with enormous will for work. She shows strong willingness to work for her leader, is very good at retriving all sorts of animals (quails, partridges, foxes, cranes … and she is also very good by standing on birds. She is truly versatil hunting dog, with all the best characteristics that DK needs to have!

Nubia proved her excellence on all test. She passed obediance class (BBh) at KD Grosuplje with her leader Matej with 96 points (out of 100), spring trail test with 54 points (out of 55), and breeding trial test  (HZP) with all possible points (194 points). In 2017 she was sucessful at IKP and week later she did very well at prestigious competition Sežun Memorial.

Nubia is also perfect pet, she can adjust to all situations and places. We took her to the camping site in the Summer, and she was very much liked by kids, but at the same time, very obidiant and quite so the owners of the camp told us at the end that it was like she wasnt even there.