Litter R

On February 15, 2018, litter out of Nubia Hudobrek and Justus vom Neuarenberg


7 puppies, 1 brown roan male, 1 black roan male, 5 black roan females


This combination was made to get offspring that will have desire and capabilities for work, but also with capacity to be very good companions in everyday life.

OGLAS3_DSC0019 (Small)

Justus vom Neuarenberg comes out of the top parents, Mendi KS von Westermoor and Venus KS von Neuarenberg. This combination gave 4 litters of excellent offspring’s that are achieving best scores and results at national and international tests and competitions. Beside very good results at VJP and HZP, he passed reliability test in bringing lost animals, and won 2017 Sežun memorial. We could see him at work since he was in the same group with Nubia and we were impressed with his systematic and energetic work, but also with his nice character and cooperation with his leader.

Nubia Hudobrek is very talented, versatile DK. She passed VJP and HZP with flying colours, this year she was successful at international level (IKP2) and finished the year with 1. Prize on prestigious Slovenian competition – Sežun memorial (she achieved place in overall competition and 1. place in water work). Her beauty was evaluated as excellent on national and international levels, at IKP she was even chosen into selection of 20 most beautiful females. Beside her talents for work, Nubia is also very pleasant at home. She is very devoted to family and other domestic animals, but also very flexible and non-problematic in all environments. She is very obedient and very eager to please. Last summer she spend 10 days with us in a camp, without any complaint from other guests or owner. Nubias pedigree is a combination of high preforming parents and ancestors and her littermates are also all talented, preforming very well at work and with good characters that makes them also good pets.


Justus and Nubi on 1th and 3th place at Sežun Memorial 2017.


Justus in relaxed mode, waiting for a next trial at Sežun Memorial.

_DSC0285 (Small)

Nubia at Cerknica lake, where she perfected her passion for water work.